Write a note on democracy in india

However, this has remained a "dead letter" despite numerous reminders from the Supreme Court to implement the provision.

Write a short note on Representative Democracy

The equality aspect of the rule of law and of democratic republicanism is provided in Article In India we have the federal form having both a government at the center responsible to the parliament and governments in the states elected and equally responsible to their legislative assemblies.

It cannot take steps to prevent them because that would be undemocratic. The Indian ideology today is replaced by caste and religion. The influence of Cholas are still well noticeable in SE Asia.

The right to vote is given to all the Indian citizens without any discrimination. One of the people who were leading the freedom movement was Mahatma Gandhiwho only used peaceful tactics, including a way called " ahimsa ", which means "non-violence". Even after more than sixty years of Independence, one forth of the population today goes to bed with an empty stomach, live below the poverty line without access to safe and clean drinking water, sanitation or proper health facilities.

Yes, India is a democracy but it’s not really a republic

This makes it one of the largest militaries in the world. These representatives from the parliament legislate and form responsible government. All these factors adversely affect democracy in India. The grounds for imposing these restrictions vary according to the freedom sought to be restricted, and include national security, public order, decency and morality, contempt of court, incitement to offences, and defamation.

Republic The head of the state here is not a heredity king or queen but an elected person. Every year, on this day, Indians celebrate Republic Day. Socialist Socialist means social as well as economic equality for all the citizens of the country.

The supreme court is the highest judicial forum and final court of appeal under the Constitution of Indiathe highest constitutional write a note on democracy in india, with the power of constitutional review.

Supreme court has ruled that these fundamental duties can also help the court to decide the constitutionality of a law passed by the legislature. Democratic This means the government of India is elected by its citizens.

For a successful democracy, all these need to be checked. It has successfully ensured individual freedom. The Fundamental Duties of citizens were added to the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment inupon the recommendations of the Swaran Singh Committee that was constituted by the government earlier that year.

The provisions of the Constitution were enacted with a view to ensure the rule of law. The role of the citizens becomes extremely important in a democracy. Many people were victims of age-old poverty, ignorance and superstitions. The Right against Exploitation, contained in Articles 23—24, lays down certain provisions to prevent exploitation of the weaker sections of the society by individuals or the State.

They are a threat to democracy. For this reason it is important to acquire knowledge about current events and policy making through newspapers, radio and television as well as public meetings.

February 5, By Ankita Mitra India is the largest democratic country in the world. Aakar Patel is a writer and columnist based in Bangalore. The illiterate masses of India should be given education so that they can sensibly vote for the right leaders.

They are as follows; 1 there should not be glaring inequalities in society, that is, privilege for one class; 2 the existence of an opposition; 3 equality in law and administration; 4 observance of constitutional morality; 5 no tyranny of the majority; 6 moral order of society: The Government of India respects all the religions and does not have any official state religion.

The citizens should be aware of the problems of their region as well as of the whole country. In addition, Article 32 of the constitution gives an extensive original jurisdiction to the supreme court in regard to enforcing fundamental rights.

Most union territories are ruled by administrators sent by the central government. This is why they are required to exercise their franchise and elect their representatives at regular intervals. The government is continually making efforts to encourage more and more people to use their right to vote to choose good governance.

They are elected directly or indirectly by the people. The Rajya Sabha has members, [38] and the Lok Sabha has members. The first democratic election on the basis of universal adult franchise was held in The government on the other hand is expected to give due consideration to the views of the people speaking out against it.

One of the seven wonders of the world is in Agra:India (IAST: Bhārat), also known as the Republic of India (IAST: Bhārat Gaṇarājya), is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world.

Write short note on democracy and development in the post colonial societies and democracy as a form of good governance. India has achieved democracy and development in the post colonial period and her economy is next to U.

S. Please Note- Right to Property was removed from the Indian Constitution in Now it is not counted as a Fundamental Right.

are directions given to the state to guide the establishment of an economic and social democracy, India was ranked 88 out of countries in India is the largest democracy in the world. Ruled by various kings and emperors and colonized by the Europeans for centuries, India became a democratic nation post its independence in the year India is the largest democracy in the world.

India's government is divided into three parts: the Legislative (the one that makes the laws, the Parliament), the Executive (the government), and the Judiciary (the one that makes sure that the laws are obeyed, the supreme court).

Our constitution opens with the words that India is both a republic and a democracy. We are making an important claim: is it true? Republic is a Roman word.

Write a note on democracy in india
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