Stuck in a snow globe writing activity for thanksgiving

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Okay if you have ever been on Pinterest during the winter you have most definitely seen this adorable winter writing craft to do with your students: If I were trapped in a snow globe.

AH-dorable!! I finally got around to doing this cute writing activity with my class this year. Jennifer Venturi Stuck in a Snow Globe writing-freebie writing template and directions to make the snow globes.

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Dec 31,  · Tell your kiddos that they will using their imaginations to think of what it would be like to live in a snow globe. Then you have to start by taking pictures of your kids individually as they "act" like they are in a snow Tori's Teacher Tips. Jan 28,  · Stuck in a Snow Globe writing Well, this is the first month in my teaching career that I have had more days off than working.

This weather is getting a little cOLD!Author: Rulin' The Roost.

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Stuck in a snow globe writing activity for thanksgiving
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