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It was not so clear before. She said she intended to continue her performing career as a dramatic actress and chansonnier. In fact, I've never sung in Italian. Dessay was cast in the same role with another conductor. From the start she was a singer who paid attention to the dramatic side of opera and showed a knack for working with stage directors on innovative productions.

For the moment I have to learn Lulu, so the problem is being deferred. There are two Zerbinettas, with only their notes and bare midriffs in common. She is such a natural clown, and it is wonderful to behold the way she uses little bits of the coloratura to illustrate comic points.

She intends to console herself by singing Musetta in La Boheme. She enjoys the discipline of performing such pieces with Natalie dessay french opera singer conductor Emmanuelle Haim, though she is not one of nature's seraphs.

When there is just a spoken text, you must compose your own music as you go along. It was easy to put together our three imaginations in order to arrive at something totally insane.

Natalie Dessay

But it was more than vocal acrobatics that propelled Dessay to the top of the operatic world. In Februaryshe returned to live performances in a Paris concert. For me, singing and music are only a means of expression, the goal being a theatrical and emotional experience. Moving on to Paris for further training, Dessay won several prestigious voice competitions, including the Mozart Competition in Vienna, Austria.

Explaining her admiration for the fiery Greek soprano Maria Callaswhose voice little resembled her own, Dessay told Neil Fisher of the Times of London that "she was one of the first to think like that—that opera is everything together, not only the voice or not only the music, or not only the acting, but a package.

In Decembershe was asked to replace Cheryl Studer in one of the three female roles in a production of Hoffmann at the Vienna State Opera. She will soon sing the heroine of Debussy's Pelleas et Melisande - or rather, as she explained, she won't sing it. For instance, in one production of Les contes d'Hoffmann, the doll is all jerky mechanics, in another the song taken adagio she appears to be comforting the inmates of an asylum, and in a third she is a diminutive Shirley Temple figure backed by six outsize replicas.

In Lyons, she wasn't a doll, but a human being, autistic, who was completely awake only when Hoffmann touched her.

My dream is to be on a trapeze and to throw myself through the air while I sing those high notes!

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Later, she cancelled and had further surgery, but by mid she was back on stage. As previously announced, Luisi will also conduct the first four performances of the production, which opens for audiences on April 6. Today it's a bit out of style, but it's amusing nonetheless.

Whereas many voice students linger in school, taking lessons for several years with favorite teachers, Dessay buzzed through in a single year.PARIS — For an opera singer, the voice is the most fragile of instruments, irreplaceable if it breaks.

So imagine the scare Natalie Dessay had two years ago when, after she began to feel tired. Building on 30 years spent excelling in the art of opera, Natalie Dessay is now exploring other paths: jazz, French song, theater A driven artist and exceptional personality, she is now also savoring the pleasure of letting go.

Natalie Dessay. 9, likes. Natalie Dessay is a French opera singer who had a highly acclaimed career as a coloratura soprano before leaving the opera. Natalie Dessay is the only French female artist to be awarded the honorary rank of Kammersängerin by the Vienna Staatsoper.

Between Yesterday & Tomorrow is the new Masterpiece composed by Michel Legrand and written by Alan & Marilyn Bergman and performed by Natalie Dessay.

Soprano Natalie Dessay is considered one of the stars of today's operatic world, thrilling audiences as both a singer and an actress. She is now an admired interpreter of bel canto and lyric. Jan 18,  · So devoted are Dessay's fans that Opera-L, the Web site devoted to international opera news, views and gossip, erupted in concerned queries when Dessay canceled all .

Natalie dessay french opera singer
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