Internship report on the bank of punjab

Accounting entries on daily basis are done in Globus for the total deposits, withdrawals, net difference Dr. If you want to know when you would be apply online for upcoming IBPS exams, check our page on ibps exam dates for more information. Five tankers of 25 tons each can be unloaded at a time.

Deals with Government drafts Clean Cash: Pre audit the cases and vouchers received from various units under SBP expenditure regulation, budgetary limit and head of accounts.

Issue Process of DFA. Exchange note account 51 Prepared by: Overview By becoming Mr. University of the Punjab, Gujranwala Campus 10[ The implementation of different schemes announced by Federal Government concerning exports enhancement also comes under the domain of FEU.

The State Bank of Pakistan has the right to dishonor the cheque without the endorsement. Groups securing 1st, 2nd and 3rd position were given cash rewards while stipends were distributed amongst all interns.

Internship Report on the Bank of Punjab 2017

Supplier name, date of receipt, city name, date of sending, quantity, packing type, description of goods and truck no. Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana is for them.

Internship Report on Ptcl Essay

The appraisal system also helps the management of the NBP to help the managers with placement, pay, and other HR decisions. Based on the job and not on the individual doing the job 5. Female are strongly encourage to apply for this Program. Domicile of The Punjab Province is applicable. Exporters can avail this financing facility for a period of days.

Why there is no offline payment option? This material is stored near the lot from where it was issued. Disbursement of monthly salaries and allowances Financing of life insurance Making other payments like pension, retirement, Making business plans, preparation of annual budget.

Transactions reported by each chest through currency chest slip are recorded in the subsidiary register of chest called A book. With the changing environment of banking sector, BSC has undergone significant change. Candidates have to provide an email address and a mobile number while registering for IBPS exams.

As IBPS joined hands with the public sector banks to introduce IBPS recruitment, the number of examinations has come down, and the selection process became comfortable. Prize of up to 20, is paid in Cash and more than prize paid through payment order. I recorded intercity clearing entries in required register.

The insurance company shall transfer claim amount in the bank account of that particular nominee and then notify the nearest branch of that bank. Some are as follows: Anyemployee whether of lower rank or upper rank found involved in favoritism and nepotism should be removed on the spot.

On 13th march the government has signed an agreement with Etisalat to handover the management of PTCL to them. Two copies of TGR are given to driver and two for office.

Chief guest Finance Minister Punjab, Dr. Issue process of oil and fat, DFA, liquid Caustic, packing and raw material is different with each other. To monitor the chest whether its functioning properly and accordingly to the rules and regulations of the SBP.

Subsequently, if the withholding capacity of any chest increases from its required volume of currency, the BSC Quetta after analyzing its financial data, will give order to the NBP exceed currency chest to send the surplus amount of currency from their capacity to any of the sub-chest located near to it.

Staff training is needed to teach them how to deal efficientlywith customers especially with old aged customers.

Public Pulse on Election 2018; Report 1- Expectations & Fears about Election 2018

The first stage in the development of modern banking, thus, was the accepting of deposits of cash from those persons who had surplus money with them. Assessment of employee loans Procurement of office furniture, stationary, vehicles etc Activation and deactivation of employee medical facilities.Internship Report Dhaka Subject: Submission of Internship Report.

Dear Sir, Assalamu Alaikum I have the pleasure to submit an elaborate Internship Report after a successful three month Internship attachment at the Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited, Ashulia Branch. Jan 18,  · Internship Report: UniLever Pakistan | Reports and Projects.

Blog is related to the reports and projects which is made by university students. Availability of the cotton seeds because south Punjab is cotton area. Government tax free area ; Allied Bank Limited – Internship Report (1).

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NBP Exchange Company Limited (NBPECL) Grievance Commissioner Cell for Overseas Pakistanis in Federal Ombudsman Secretariat Pakistan List of Officials of Human Resources NBP Head Office.

Evaluation Sheet for Internship Report. Fall FINI Internship Report (Finance) Credit Hours: 3 Meezan Bank Ltd.

Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana SBI (PMJJBY)

KASB Bank Ltd. Bank of Punjab. f. Brief introduction of all the departments. During my internship in MCB bank (Ltd) it has a good experience of 6 weeks and I learn so much about the banking and the working and I.

Internship report on the bank of punjab
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