Importance of satellites in maritime domain

Disruption of ground stations could be the most effective means against a satellite system. Over the last three decades, India has achieved an enviable progress in the space systems. India can map and find the depth of creeks and shallows in Arabian sea for future naval operation against Pakistan in sub-surface and amphibious domains.

AIS was created as a collision avoidance and traffic management tool, he said, but it has expanded into many other uses including environmental protection, maritime resource protection, safety, commodities trading, and route planning.

Leveraging Technology Trends for Maritime Domain Awareness

Salient of the Space programme will be covered shortly to understand their implications on Pakistan. Therefore, terminal accuracy is essential to reducing effects to avoid these incidents. New space launching sites and other ground facilities will be created during the next two decades.

Indian aspirations of dominating the IOR through its space based technology will have far reaching affects to the littoral states in general and Pakistan in particular. India is known to have inducted a large number of experts from former Soviet Union, Yogoslavia and Czech Republic.

The Importance (And Perils) Of Maritime Industry Satellite Services

Military Communications satellites b. These metal rings dissipate the EM waves spread over almost whole of the EM spectrum, hence enabling it to remain undetected.

Covered sheds and pens be constructed for submarines and aircrafts, and once in harbour or at their bases, the units should remain continuously under the protection of these shelters.

Navies from all over the world are trying to find methods and apply strategies that will enforce passive or sometimes active measures, in order to ensure maritime safety in both territorial and international waters.

It was launched on 5th May Today, information and space revolution implies the rise of an era in which neither mass nor mobility will decide outcomes; instead, the side that knows more, that can disperse the fog of war, yet enshroud an adversary in it, will enjoy decisive advantages.

A peculiar example in this case is shown on the next slide. This paved the way for India to send its own astronauts into space, making it one of the space superpowers and an Asian challenge to China. Another remarkable achievement by the Indian Space program is that it has attained the ability to launch satellites using its own space launching vehicles.

The Indian Space Research Organisation was founded in and is currently under the department of space. Despite the immense benefits for economic well being of a country, the space has also become the new high ground for Military Commanders to direct future conflicts.

This includes phased array antenna, improved satellite positioning system and two-mirror-on-axis camera optics.

Importance of Satellites in Maritime Domain

Space technology now promises to solve many of the traditional problems of a military commander by becoming his eyes, ears and voice. The new threat of cyber attacks in space will require not only large satellites to be protected but also small satellites.

To these ends, several technologies hold significant promise for improving MDA, namely commercial Earth Observation EO systems, vast quantities of open-source data, and current trends in big data analytics.

It was clear in our research that monolithic, stand-alone MDA systems could not be made flexible or resilient enough to keep pace with technological advances.quickly and cheaply.

Space-Based Systems Enhance Maritime Domain Awareness Say SWF Panelists

The ships that ply the Maritime Domain are the primary mode of transportation for world trade, carrying over 80%. 1. of world trade by volume, making the security of the Maritime Domain critically important to the prosperity and liberty of billions of people.

The panelists focused on the role of satellites in MDA, including optical and radar imaging satellites, especially Canada’s Radarsat-2, as well as satellites that carry receivers for the Automatic Identification System (AIS) created by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Presently, various modern-day maritime platforms and infrastructure at ports (and adjoining areas) significantly depend on satellites.

This paper debates the significance of space technologies for the maritime domain in general and navies in particular.

Importance of Satellites in Maritime Domain

Global shipping accounts for 90% of international trade. importance of the maritime domain, there is another complicating factor in that the seas are no longer the only medium that can access the connects us around the globe. there is a new. SYNOPSIS FOR PAPER 3 ON MARITIME DOMAIN AWARENESS AS A VEHICLE FOR EFFECTIVE NIGERIAN NAVY OPERATIONS GUEST LECTURER: Rear Admiral FD Akpan (Rtd) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.

This paper discussed the concept of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) in the strategic dimension involving the security and safety. Knowledge is the result of _____, and fusing data that has been processed and evaluated as to its reliability, relevance, and importance.

analyzing, correlating During the action phase, the commander monitors/observes the execution of .

Importance of satellites in maritime domain
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