Employee satisfaction toward on site child care

Methods of data collection We are using variety data collections for this research and they are distributing questionnaire and face to face interview. Questionnaires have advantages over some other types of surveys in that they are cheap, do not require as much effort from the questioner as verbal or telephone surveys, and often have standardized answers that make it simple to compile data.

This type of sampling is a type of non probability sampling which involves the sample being drawn from that part of the population which is close to hand. In fact YouTube and other sites have videos on how to circumvent office internet security. Recently, many child care center are being implemented by employer at the workplace because many parents are busy with their jobs so there is no time to take care of their children.

Center for Applied Linguistics. Recently, many child care center are being implemented by employer at the workplace because many parents are busy with their jobs so there is no time to take care of their children. Operational definition is a big influence in research.

The role of on-site daycare in helping parents balance work and family responsibilities. And the lowest of total household income per month is below than RM 6, with the percentage of 3. E Koren, and K.

Employee Satisfaction Toward on-Site Child Care Centre Essay Sample

The highest level of employment status is others with percentage of Second limitation is the questionnaires are not fully return to us. Excessive employee turnover rate is detrimental to organizations. Skala likert are using to identify respond to the research subject.


Therefore, parents need child care center as a place of care for their children. An interview is a conversation between two or more people the interviewer and the interviewee where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee.

But the logistics are far more complicated than hiring a few babysitters.

Employee Satisfaction Toward On-Site Child Care Centre

From what is stated above, the problems that we want to examine is the relationship between satisfaction with the quality of on-site child care center and turnover intention. The population of this research including 70 people of parents who are sent their children to the child care center.

In fact one can even apply for a credit card Then the percentage of 5. It is also work together to try to address the central research questions.

To determine on-site child care center provided by the organization. This is not surprising because most studies make use of cross-sectional household-level data sets and the incidence of on-site center use is still small Rachel Connelly, Deborah S. Third limitation is financial problems.

Similarly, if the objective data and analysis are not similar, then the study will be carried out is doomed to failure. Commitment from respondents is important to answer all the questions. A study by the National Population and Family Development Board five years ago showed that more than half of the women who quit their jobs cited childcare as the reason New Straights Times.

When employees satisfied with on-site child care center, it will reduce turnover intention. With this society based on self indulgences and instant gratification I believe simple things like organizational loyalty and pride are being lost. Perkins says that Clif Base Camp helps working parents, especially those who are returning from leave—Clif gives up to 26 weeks for the primary caregiver, and up to 16 for secondary care givers—and shows that the company is serious about its family-friendly culture.

However, such standardized answers may frustrate users. Therefore, the research we have done this in turn can reduce the confusion and reducing the problems associated with the quality with satisfaction child care center and turnover intention.However, early studies of on-site child care find both positive effects and lack of effects, positive or negative, on employee absenteeism, performance, and job satisfaction (GoffKossekEzraBarcenas-FraustoGullekson ).

Additional evidence is needed to confirm effects. site child care to their employees. Small businesses can collaborate with other area small businesses to provide on or near-site child care, and share the cost.3 “At Intel, we believe that employer-sponsored child care is a win-win-win.”.

Holland December 11th, at PM. All of the years that I worked outside of the home I would have been super grateful if the company for whom I worked had offered on site child care. Regarding child care benefits, 71 percent of employers offer dependent care flexible spending accounts, 26 percent allow employees to bring their children to work in a child care emergency, and The Review on Employee Satisfaction Toward On-Site Child Care Centre place of employment.

While the number of on-site centers is small relative to the number total numbers assistance with child care can increase productivity and employee morale and reduce turnover, absenteeism and accident them through technological means such as the internet or through phone.

Your company may provide backup child care as a work benefit, such as through joeshammas.com’s [email protected] program. This program offers employees of participating companies access to child care either at home or at a nearby child care facility.

Employee satisfaction toward on site child care
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