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Let Merit be the Sole Decider Apart from the quota system, people are also preferred based on their creed, race and other things that have nothing to do with their talent when it comes to giving jobs.

This accounted in the main for the flight or defection or let us says migration of talent from the underdeveloped countries to these advanced nations. The exodus of Huguenots from France created a brain drain, as Huguenots accounted for a disproportionate number of entrepreneurialartisanand technical occupations in the country.

Many Huguenots and their descendants prospered. These programmes have since succeeded in luring many Israeli scientists back home. Iran Iran is known for religious dictatorship and political oppression and this has led more than 4 million Iranians to migrate to other countries.

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A large number of Nigerians migrate to US each year in search of better job prospects and better standard of living. These tactics, however, do not address the issue of reducing brain drain from countries with issues such as conflict, political instability or health risks, meaning that brain drain is likely to continue as long as these problems exist.

India suffers a major Brain Drain as the employment opportunities available here are not at par with the quality of education provided.

Brain drain

Many students leave their native nations for scientific and technological courses which are not offered by their own country and settle out in the country of study owing to better career opportunities, lucrative remunerations, security of life and health all of which lack in their country of birth.

Even in medieval times, the conquerors attacked the nation for gold and other wealth and took people of talent and knowledge with them.

Essay on “Brain Drain” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The reasons of brain drain are many including the lack of opportunity, political instability, health risks and many more. They introduced the European Modern movement to the American public and fostered the international style in architecture and design,[ citation needed ] helping to transform design education at American universities and influencing later architects.

Naturally, such an education has no market in their native countries, and quite obviously, they cannot be accommodated there. Despite being a minority group, they were a key part of the farming sector and trained artisans.

It will help boost their place of origin economically.

Essay on Brain Drain in India

Lars Onsager, Norway-born U. One more factor deserves consideration. Research suggests that around 15, university educated individuals leave Iran to get settled in other parts of the country each year. Brain drain school essay by on November 21, with No Comments The shrieking sister cartoon analysis essay wayne thiebaud painting analysis essay.

However, this is very uncommon, particularly for LDCs that would see the most gain with the return of their professionals. India The education system in India is one of the top in the world, boasting very few drop-outs, but historically, once Indians graduate, they tend to leave India to move to countries, such as the United States, with better job opportunities.

The value of such offsets varies across time and place, however. So why not avoid it in the first place. India Suffers Major Brain Drain Indians are making the country proud by excelling in different fields and securing highly paid jobs in different parts of the world. Ways to Control Brain Drain The geographic brain drain as well as that happening at organizational level is equally difficult to deal with.

The loss of this technical expertise was a blow from which the kingdom did not fully recover for many years. Brain Drain refers to the emigration out-migration of knowledgeable, well-educated and skilled professionals from their home country to another country.

China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico and Jamaica are among the other countries that suffer major brain drain. As ofBernama has reported that there are a million talented Malaysians working overseas. Ways to Control Brain Drain The geographic brain drain as well as that happening at organizational level is equally difficult to deal with.

As they dominated financial services in the country, their expulsion was instrumental in causing future economic problems, for example the need for foreign bankers such as the Fugger family and others from Genoa. Thus men of talent began migrating from less developed nations to these countries.This article is written like a personal reflection or opinion essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings about a topic.

Short Speech on “Brain Drain”

"Brain-drain‟ is a phenomenon where, relative to the remaining population, a substantial number of more educated (numerate, literate) persons emigrate.

Effects of Brain Drain in Developing Countries. Aftermaths of Brain Drain in Exaggerated Regions of the globalized world: Negative effects: The phenomena of brain drain has left harmful effects in the region of poor countries like Africa, because of their great hope, talents and skills have immigrated to.

Brain drain is therefore a major concern for the international community, and there is a need to innovatively think about the way in which people’s aspiration toward mobility and migration can be reconciled with states’ right to development Five major issues will be explored: The ethics of brain drain: Brain drain is not only an economic.

The labor trends that are going to be covered in this paper are: Aging of populations, labor migrations, unemployment, brain drain, child labor and forced labor.

Research Methodology This research paper was conducted by gathering information from a variety of resources such as books, articles, electronic resources, case studies and research. Today, the problem of Brain-drain is a product of the revolu­tion in science and technology inspired by the Second World War and speeded up.

However, the problem of 'Brain-drain' is not peculiar to the present age of ours.

Short Paragraph on Brain Drain and Its Causes

It existed even in Medieval times when great conquerors carried away not only hoards of gold and rich treasures from the vanquished countries, but they also took away men of talent and genius as a matter of right.

Brain drain essay
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