Automatic water level controller

A mains transformer is also available with the kit and it is not shown in the figure below. Since DC is used in the level sensing section electrolysis will occur in the probes and so the probes require small maintenances in 1 or 2 month intervals.

Thus, two tips are required with a conductivity probe in order to switch a pump on and off at predetermined levels, Figure 3. The project kit is a modified version of the project shown above. R13 limits the base current of Q6 while D4 is a freewheeling diode which protects the switching transistors from voltage transients.

When the water level touches the probe tip, it triggers an action through an associated controller. The change in capacitance is, however, small typically measured in pico farads, for example, farads so the probe is used in conjunction with an amplifier circuit.

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If an electrical voltage is applied and the circuit includes an ammeter, the latter will show that: Water level controller circuit diagram Probe arrangement diagram The probes can be arranged as shown in the diagram above.

The type number of the transistors used here are not very critical and you can do suitable replacements if any type number is not available. You can expect it soon. The project kit is available in plug and play form and do it yourself form.

When the water level goes below medium, transistor Q2 gets switches OFF and its collector goes positive. The situation is somewhat different in the case of plates immersed in a conductive liquid, such as boiler water, as the liquid no longer acts as a dielectric, but rather an extension of the plates.

Automatic water level controllers

The net result is that any rise in the water level will cause an increase in capacitance that can be measured by an appropriate device. When the connector is removed from the electric vehicle, the cable and connector automatically retract into a compartment, where they are protected from damage by vehicles, weather and vandals.

Do not use a relay that consumes mA. When the water level falls and exposes the tip at point A, the pump will begin to run. Maximum collector current PN can handle is mA. Whenever water rises to the full level current flows into the base of transistor Q4 which makes it ON and so its collector voltage goes low.

A pair of conductors has a large capacitance if they need a large amount of charge to raise the voltage between them by one volt, just as a large vessel needs a large quantity of gas to fill it to a certain pressure. Under UK regulations, this must be tested daily.

The sensed values are connected to an encoder circuit. As the magnet moves up and down, the inductance of the coil will alter, and this is used to provide an analogue signal to a controller and then to the feedwater level control valve.

P4 Plug in Level Controller for Panel Mounting

When relay is activated these contacts close which forms a short across collector and emitter of Q6.Fire Pump Controller For Diesel Driven Fire Pumps FD4 Fire Pump Controller Series FD4 The Metron Model FD4 controller is designed to specifically.

Fire Pump Controller For Diesel Driven Fire Pumps FD4 Fire Pump Controller Series FD4 The Metron Model FD4 controller is designed to specifically. Manufacturer of Water Level Control Electrode - Float Switches, Water Level Switch NRSMagnetic Float Switch and Water Level Electrode NRG 19 - 11 offered by Unitech Combustion, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Water level in the tank or any reservoir is sensed using simple pull up resistor arrangement. Here we define 7 levels in the reservoir. The sensed values are connected to an encoder circuit. Water tank level gauges are used to quickly tell how much water is in your storage tank at any given time.

Rain Harvesting Supplies sells two types of level gauges: electronic indicators and mechanical indicators. P4 Plug in Level Controller for Panel Mounting Conductivity Level Controller.

Plug in (via DIN base) level controller with close switching differential suitable for the majority of applications.

Automatic water level controller
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