Andrea yates

I definitely agree she should be in a mental institution the rest of her life, but as for an inmate, no We can model saying no and making it stick, without remorse, without guilt.

Investigation of Bodies in Water. I think the place to begin is with the girl.

Andrea Yates

Dolan reviewed her medical record at the request of Rusty. By the time of the birth of their third child, Paul, they moved back to Houston and purchased a GMC motor home.

She was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis. She stopped feeding Mary. Park Dietz, the state's expert witness whose testimony led an appeals court to overturn Yates' capital murder conviction last year.

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How did she get to that place? This time however, the jury did not agree with Dr Dietz. A person in the grips of psychosis does not see the world around them in the same way a rational level headed person does and it is in this light that the actions of Andrea Yates, while abhorrent, cannot be compared and Andrea yates in the same way as the actions of a mother who has murdered their children with no mental illness sitting on their shoulder.

The actual list of our missing or lost classmates can be found to the right by using the "Location Unknown" button near the bottom of the "Where We Live" area. Her defence team entered a plea of not guilty due to reasons of insanity while the prosecution pushed for the death penalty.

On June 20,she was obsessed with her sin of having raised these children wrong. She was hospitalized the next day after a scheduled doctor visit; her psychiatrist determined she was probably suicidal and had filled the tub to drown herself.

Resnick told jurors that Yates was in a delusional state and believed her children would grow up to be criminals because she had ruined them. If that's the case then someone should be pressing charges against her husband for not doing something to take care of this and prevent it.

Several months later, she had another breakdown and was hospitalized. The trial court sentenced her to life imprisonment in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice with eligibility for parole in 40 years. The year-old will be committed to a state mental hospital, with periodic hearings before a judge to determine whether she should be released.

A defendant would successfully plead insanity if the facts surrounding the event demonstrated that mental illness prevented the defendant from understanding that his or her actions were of a wrongful nature. We in EEWC need to counteract the pervasive message in many conservative churches that a good Christian woman must home-school her children.

She was also advised not to have any more children; however, in Novembershe gave birth to a daughter.

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Yates judged and sentenced herself in the confused years before June 20, Why would she call law enforcement if, in her mind, she did nothing wrong?

The real story is: You know that when an animal attacks and kills a human we put it down, regardless of how it feels about itself?Andrea Pia Kennedy was born July 2,in Houston, Texas, and married Russell Yates on April 17, The couple’s first child, Noah, was born in February Fifteen years ago, we didn't often talk about postpartum depression.

Andrea Yates

Then Andrea Yates drowned her five children in the bathtub. As the Chronicle's courts reporter, I covered her case.

Judy Mazzucca Dysfunctional behavior or anxiety are two illness that produce results in the cerebrum. Experiencing these behaviors can c. Dec 11,  · A Texas jury found that Andrea Yates was insane when she drowned her five children in a bathtub five years ago, and the panel acquitted her of capital murder in the deaths.

Jul 28,  · The verdict is in and Andrea Yates is found innocent!:clap: As someone who had gone through depression, I believed that she did have a mental illness. Dec 11,  · Andrea Yates' psychotic mind was like her own private battlefield in the war between good and evil, according to a defense expert who testified Thursday that Yates believed killing her five.

Andrea yates
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