An introduction to the history of pop culture

For the first time, a piece of music could be performed by someone who had never heard it.

Introduction to history

The concentration of people in urban areas, attracted by jobs in the factories, also gave rise to more and different kinds of popular art forms by concentrating potential audiences. It places them in context and offers explanations so we can understand the drivers of change. It teaches us about the hidden structures that permeate society and highlights how they operate.

Three early, significant popular-culture mileposts are, in chronological order, wedding ceremonies, music performed from written scores, and the establishment of fashion styles.

Black people in the South used it. A word of caution This site is based on what is considered more or less orthodox chronology, which of course means that there are other, 'deviant' chronologies. For example, certain currents of pop culture may originate from, or diverge into a subculturerepresenting perspectives with which the mainstream popular culture has only limited familiarity.

Obvious examples that changed society significantly enough to alter the course of history are radio, television, motion pictures, amplified music, computers and the Internet. Other technological advances resulted in such diverse things as silk-screen printing Express your opinion on your T-shirt!

It forms currents and eddies, and represents a complex of mutually interdependent perspectives and values that influence society and its institutions in various ways. We need to record our own history with our own voices in order to make history our story.

Wedding ceremonies, predating even Biblical accounts, began traditions based on religious tenets and quickly became engrained in society. Black Lives Matter is not a movement that everyone agrees with but mostly because they have the wrong idea over what it is about. We can also learn something from reading Howard Zinn, who in Peoples History of The United States outlined the struggles between the Native Americans and the European Conquests, the fight against slavery and the battles of trade unionists, feminists, and the civil rights movement.

There has not just been a surge in protest music from the hip-hop and rap industry but in another genre as well. Life became more than survival, family and religion. For example, certain currents of pop culture may originate from, or diverge into a subculturerepresenting perspectives with which the mainstream popular culture has only limited familiarity.

An important aspect in the study of pop culture is opinion. The mixture of popular elements of different cultures was also one of the factors that began to blur the lines between popular and fine arts.

More trustworthy than royal self-congratulations and post-mortem embellishments of the curriculum vitae of officials are texts written during the ordinary course of life by some men and a few women of the people with a little education, often referred to as love letters, laundry lists and the like.

Moreover, beliefs and opinions about the products of commercial culture spread by word-of-mouthand become modified in the process and in the same manner that folklore evolves.

Indeed, these accounts also highlight how history can overlap and intersect with other disciplines in the social sciences e. What do you regard as some of the most important—or maybe just memorable—contributions of pop culture in history?

Usage[ edit ] Many people say that popular culture is a tool that higher ranking people in a society and elites who often control mass media and popular culture outlets use to control the people below them in society.

Popular culture

We can now see, therefore, how learning history not only teaches about the past but can provide us with the theoretical tools to facilitate an analysis of the present. Pop is specific of something containing qualities of mass appeal, while "popular" refers to what has gained popularity, regardless of its style.

Thompson was a Marxist historian and he saw it as crucial when writing this book to show the role of the working-class in history and how the working-class was made, hence the title of the book. Herodotus' marvellous stories are a case in point.

Items of popular culture most typically appeal to a broad spectrum of the public. On the whole I prefer the plodding examination of facts however few and poorly understood to the flights of fancy of some of the alternative historians.

One would like to think that physical remains should leave little to doubt. The mind boggles Links page Feedback: The band has been around for about 6 years but the lineup has changed a couple of times.

With the widespread use of the Internet from the s, the distinction between mass media and word-of-mouth has become blurred. If artists were able to show that although they may be different they stand united, it would increase the audience base.

The abbreviated form "pop" for popular, as in pop musicdates from the late s. Although the folkloric element of popular culture engages heavily with the commercial element, the public has its own tastes and it may not always embrace every cultural or subcultural item sold.

Folklore[ edit ] Adaptations based on traditional folklore provide a source of popular culture. Technology and Pop Culture The sewing machine provided new fashions for everyone. Each would have subscribed to a set of principles in advance that would dictate the theoretical and methodological approach to be taken and indeed, the very questions asked.

Let us also not forget that history is often written and rewritten by the winners, so terrorists become freedom fighters, imperialist armies bring democracy and western-led revolutions bring progress.Pop Culture Essay Topics.

Writing about pop culture can be a lot of fun for students, because many of them are already embroiled in pop culture themselves. How has the introduction of services. American pop culture has had a major influence on our country and around the world.

For example, you can find fast-food joints like McDonald's and Burger King in countries such as China and Germany. In the United States, pop culture has influenced families, language and the educational system. Food American pop culture has transformed the way we eat. Pop Culture Essay Examples.

31 total results. An Analysis of the Influence of Pop Culture and How It Is Influenced by Mass Media.

Popular culture

words. An Introduction to the History of Pop Music. words.

Popular Culture

2 pages. An Analysis of the Influence of Pop Culture. words. 2 pages. A History of The Beatles in American Pop Culture. words. From the end of World War II, following major cultural and social changes brought by mass media innovations, the meaning of popular culture began to overlap with those of mass culture, media culture, image culture, consumer culture, and culture for mass consumption.

Introduction to history Why is history important for permanent culture.

an introduction to studying popular culture

History is extremely important for establishing a permanent culture now, because as we have stated it provides the understanding of past struggles which can influence the path we take in the future.

It teaches us about the hidden structures that permeate society and. Popular culture, usually referred to as pop culture, "don't get no respect," as popular comedian Rodney Dangerfield would have said, but a study of pop culture history shows this oft-maligned subject has caused social change since ancient times.

An introduction to the history of pop culture
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